Medical Marijuana – Is there scientific proof? by: Dr. Frank Filiberto, MD, AMMA

MMJuly 10. 2014, the Florida Today letter to the editor by John Lozito MD was extremely informative but misleading. Dr. Lozito is a well-respected physician whose integrity is beyond reproach; however, there are times when ones objectivity is clouded by trying to maintain the status quo. Dr. Lozito argues against medical marijuana because of the lack of scientific evidence. My response is that for over 2000 years, no drug has withstood the Read More »

Marijuana – Are we barking up the wrong tree and how do we educate young people? by: Larry Lawton

Reality Check Program Q&AAs a man who deals with young people and drugs on a daily basis, I wonder if we are barking up the wrong tree with marijuana. There are so many more serious drugs and issues to deal with than marijuana, that I sometimes think we lose our focus.

Look at what one kid said on a blog looking to beat a drug test;

“I’m getting tested soon too, and have to quit smoking weed. I had always said that I wasn’t going to fuck around with synthetic cannabinoids, but now I think I am going to experiment with them a bit”.

The statement above concerns me. Are we pushing good kids in the wrong direction? Sadly, I think so.

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Heroin is on the rise and you read very little about it. You might ask yourself, why is heroin on the rise, because it is cheaper than oxycontin. They are both opiates and users know that and want to get hiheroin-addictiongh. Serious drug users and dealers are the ones who commit the vast majority Read More »

Reality Check Community Champion Award – So inspiring

Reality Check Community Champion Award

Three very deserving people received the 2014 Reality Check Community Champion Award.

Jim (Jimmy) Stivers, Judge David Silverman and Luke Farmer. Congratulations and Thank You for all you do. You are an inspiration and great role model.

Dr. Frank Filiberto, Jimmy Stivers, Judge David Silverman, Luke Farmer, Larry Lawton

Dr. Frank Filiberto, Jimmy Stivers, Judge David Silverman, Luke Farmer, Larry Lawton

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The RCCCA is given to individuals who go above and beyond with helping people and their community. A nomination process starts with submissions by foundation board members and the community at large. Once a decision is made, the awards are Read More »

2014 PBA Reality Check Classic a Big Success

The whole staff at Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program would like to extend a big thank you to all the sponsors of this great event. Click Here to see article and sponsors.

A PBA Tour Record for 300 games in one tournament.

2014 PBA Reality Check Classic

Connor Pickford

Connor Pickford

Connor Pickford, tied a south region tournament record by having four 300

Tommy Jones

Tommy Jones

games in one tournament, but it wasn’t enough to overtake Tommy Jones, a perennial winner with fifteen national PBA Tour titles including being the PBA Player of the Year in 2005-06. Tommy also won the 63rd U.S. Open.

Brevard County was represented well with Mike Coffey, (7th) John Donovan, (12th) both cashing winning checks, Sean Hoff (26th) just outside the money and Greg Young Jr. (33) a Team USA member.

Doyle, Young, Lawton, Farber

Doyle, Young, Lawton, Farber

Three member of Team USA were also present and did well. Matthew Farber, (20) Plainview, NY, Kamron Doyle, (16) Brentwood, TN and Greg Young Jr., (18) Viera, FL., Farber, 8th, Doyle, 11th, and Young 33rd. These young bowlers will be representing the United States in the World Youth Championships in Hong Kong in August 2014.  48 countries will be represented.

Bowling and College: Bowling is a letter sport in the state of Florida and colleges routinely give scholarships like any other sport.


Christina Hardee

Sean Riccardi, the 2013 PBA Reality Check Champion had a good tournament coming in third.

Christina Hardee, one of three women who competed against the men made the final 16 and cashed a nice check.

To see pictures of the 2014 PBA Reality Check Classic, CLICK HERE

Nurturing The Humanitarian Potential – By: Jerome (Jerry) Hartjes, Guest Columnist

Jerome (Jerry) Hartjes, USAF retired, 20 years, University of Florida BS in Criminal Justice, University of

Florida MHS in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, State of Florida retired, 25 years as counselor (6 years Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, 19 years Department of Corrections – 4 years as a Classification Officer, 15 years as a Psychological Specialist which is essentially a Mental Health Counselor and Case Manager.

I met Jerry about 3 years ago after posting some articles on jails and prisons. His understanding of the Department of Corrections and rehabilitation was impressive. What was more impressive was his compassion for helping people. His resume speaks for itself. Thank you Jerry.

Larry Lawton


We are born with an unlimited humanitarian potential to become the most caring, loving, compassionate individuals on a global scale. If fully developed this potential could resolve the major Read More »