Community policing and how it can work – Reality Check Program DVD

Community PolicingCommunity policing and how it can work. The “Us Against Them” mentality that the citizens in certain communities and the police have can be fixed, Here is how……

While the majority of data shows that community policing works, it is how it is implemented that is so important.

When the community sees the police are willing to work with an ex-con and the #1 program to help their child, the police gain true partners. Most families have a member who made some serious mistakes and has a record, or is an addict, or at least they know of a relative, or friend, who Read More »

Holiday Season Help – Drugs Are The Killer Of Our Youth – By: Larry Lawton

The Reality Check Program has been in business for six years now and we have seen a trend. We get more calls for help during the holiday season. Is it because kids are off school  and have more time to get in trouble or is it the stresses of the holiday season? We suspect there are numerous reasons and causes, but as we always say, there is a time and place to Read More »

Larry Lawton on why he is so passionate about helping young people stay on the straight and narrow?

Larry Lawton on why he is so passionate about helping young people and the Reality Check Program

Q: Why are you so passionate about helping young people stay on the straight and narrow?

A: It is not about the straight and narrow. Young people are supposed to make choices, mistakes and learn from them. What I do is, help young people understand that one bad choice can ruin their life.  I never tell a young person what to do; I show them in sometimes Read More »

Larry Lawton on the Vipp Jaswal Report – FOX News Radio NYC

Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton was interviewed on the Vipp Jaswal Report on FOX News Radio NYC.

Fox News Radio


Vipp Jaswell

Vipp Jaswal is a great interviewer and was very prepared. Vipp asked Larry questions Larry hasn’t heard before. Larry being Larry was very candid and upfront. Larry discussed the 2 million dollar robbery in NYC in detail. From how a robbery might happen to buying a diamond. Larry gave advice on how NOT to get ripped off and who might be the real criminals.

Vipp asked Larry about the Reality Check Program, the book Gangster Redemption and the future movie Gangster Redemption the movie. This was a great show.

CLICK HERE to listen to the show

Prisoner Reentry, How Important Is It And Can We Do Better? By: Larry Lawton

Reality Check Program Question and AnswerQuestion:  How important is reentry and can we do better?

Answer: Successful reentry saves lives, reduces crime, families are reunited, society saves money and actually makes money, and “It’s the right thing to do”.

Most states, the federal government and organizations aren’t tackling reentry in the best way possible. It is not that they don’t care or want to, they just don’t know how.

As a man who successfully reentered society and is developing a national reentry program, reentry is about understanding the actual needs of a newly released individual compared to the physical and material needs.

The evaluation of each person being released from confinement is the most important thing you can do. Every person being released has different needs, both psychological and material wise. Knowing what a person actually needs, sets the stage for a successful reintegration back into society.

Housing, addiction treatment, mental health, job skills, employment, medical needs are all important, but the psychologicalLawton911 Prison Consulting factor is the most important and most programs don’t address that in the right way.

I am in the process of helping a friend (Paul) who was incarcerated since 1989, (No murder, rape, or violent crime. He was a drug dealer) yes, you read that right. 1989 – A 30 year sentence, doing 25 straight years. (Fixing the broken sentencing system is another topic to be addressed at a later date.)

I explained to Paul what would happen psychologically when he leaves prison. Shock, jitters, confusion, elation. He will experience all that, and more, after a long incarceration. There is no getting around it, so it is how you handle it that matters.

Paul called me from the airport and Read More »