Court Ordered Reality Check Program (CORCP) DVD. What is it? How does it work?

questionQuestion: How does the Court Ordered Reality Check Program (CORCP) work and what exactly is it?

Answer: The Court Ordered Reality Check Program DVD, is a tool judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys use as an alternative to incarceration and to help show a person how bad it could get if they continue on the path that got them in trouble in the first place. It also gives hope to people who made a bad choice. People make mistakes, at whatever age, and sometimes all they need is an eye-opener. (See Surveys Below) The CORCP DVD is used for misdemeanor offenders of any age. You will see surveys from ages 15 to 63 below. Target age 18 through 26.

Judges, prosecutors and public defenders are always looking for ways to open offenders’ eyes without giving them a record and scarring them for life. Judges, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys are all human beings and have families and loved ones themselves. Their first thought is helping you.

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How it works:

When a person is arrested for (to name a few) DUI, reckless driving, petty theft, marijuana under 20gr, Drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, assault, trespassing, public intoxication, underage drinking, etc., one of the court requirements could be to complete the Court Ordered Reality Check Program DVD.

Once the offender is sentenced to the Court Ordered Reality Check Program DVD by way of a plea offer or pre-trial diversion they can get the DVD from the probation department, public Read More »

Brevard County Crossfire – Law Enforcement and the Community with hosts Larry Lawton and Dr. Frank Filiberto

Lawton's LawBrevard County Crossfire – Law Enforcement and the Community with hosts Larry Lawton and Dr. Frank Filiberto.

Larry and Frank discuss how law enforcement works and what their role is in the community. The recent shooting and subsequent killing of a man at the Brevard County court house in Viera stirred a lot of debate on social media and with people all over the county. Was the shooting justified? Larry and Frank get heated about the topic.

Brevard County Crossfire is a community show discussing hot topics and issues the citizens of Brevard County and central Florida want to hear about. Schools, Law Enforcement, Tourist Development Council, Economic Development Commission, Crime, Rehabilitation, Politics, Elections and many more.

Larry Lawton and Dr. Frank Filiberto will take opposing sides and Read More »

Larry Lawton & Dr. Frank Filiberto on Brevard County Crossfire


This Months Hot Topic

Law Enforcement And Their Role In

 Helping The Community

Every month Larry Lawton and Dr. Frank Filiberto will discuss issues that YOU, the viewer, want to hear and learn more about. The two hosts are known for speaking their minds. There is one goal, educate the viewer, so you can make a more informed decisions on topics such as; Read More »

Pitch Perfect: How To Say It Right The First Time, Every Time, By: Bill McGowan

Bill McGownPeople often ask me, “Larry, how do you get so much media attention and how do you get on so many TV shows?”  I have to give some credit to people like Billy Cassara, John “JJ” Johnston, and Bill McGowan. Being at Bill’s house aBill McGowen1t a party with Billy Cassara and hearing the stories of how things work was a great learning experience. Bill is an absolute genius. The book “Pitch Perfect” has all the secrets. From, The Headline Principle to Read More »

Question: Beyond Scared Straight is a hit TV show on A&E, what is the difference between what you do and what they do?

March 13, 2014


I get asked this question a lot so I might as well explain the difference in detail.

Beyond Scared Straight was a concept that was used in the 70’s and originated in Rahway State Prison in New Jersey.  The concept was to show teenagers what prison was really like in a hard, yelling and in your face way.The Scared Straight way has been proven to be ineffective and actually increase teens getting in trouble.  When a person yells at someone they put up a wall and close their minds.  Not a good way to teach something with lasting results.  What the Reality Check Program does is Read More »