Larry Lawton on the Vipp Jaswal Report – FOX News Radio NYC

Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton was interviewed on the Vipp Jaswal Report on FOX News Radio NYC.

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Vipp Jaswell

Vipp Jaswal is a great interviewer and was very prepared. Vipp asked Larry questions Larry hasn’t heard before. Larry being Larry was very candid and upfront. Larry discussed the 2 million dollar robbery in NYC in detail. From how a robbery might happen to buying a diamond. Larry gave advice on how NOT to get ripped off and who might be the real criminals.

Vipp asked Larry about the Reality Check Program, the book Gangster Redemption and the future movie Gangster Redemption the movie. This was a great show.

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Prisoner Reentry, How Important Is It And Can We Do Better? By: Larry Lawton

Reality Check Program Question and AnswerQuestion:  How important is reentry and can we do better?

Answer: Successful reentry saves lives, reduces crime, families are reunited, society saves money and actually makes money, and “It’s the right thing to do”.

Most states, the federal government and organizations aren’t tackling reentry in the best way possible. It is not that they don’t care or want to, they just don’t know how.

As a man who successfully reentered society and is developing a national reentry program, reentry is about understanding the actual needs of a newly released individual compared to the physical and material needs.

The evaluation of each person being released from confinement is the most important thing you can do. Every person being released has different needs, both psychological and material wise. Knowing what a person actually needs, sets the stage for a successful reintegration back into society.

Housing, addiction treatment, mental health, job skills, employment, medical needs are all important, but the psychologicalLawton911 Prison Consulting factor is the most important and most programs don’t address that in the right way.

I am in the process of helping a friend (Paul) who was incarcerated since 1989, (No murder, rape, or violent crime. He was a drug dealer) yes, you read that right. 1989 – A 30 year sentence, doing 25 straight years. (Fixing the broken sentencing system is another topic to be addressed at a later date.)

I explained to Paul what would happen psychologically when he leaves prison. Shock, jitters, confusion, elation. He will experience all that, and more, after a long incarceration. There is no getting around it, so it is how you handle it that matters.

Paul called me from the airport and Read More »

Gangster Redemption – By: Peter Golenbock & Larry Lawton

 Print Edition



New York Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock and Larry Lawton write the story of Larry Lawton – from his childhood in the Bronx, New York,  being incarcerated and tortured in the Federal Bureau of Prisons; to how he developed and founded the Reality Check Program.

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Growing up in the Bronx in the shadow of the Throgs Neck Bridge, Larry Lawton was an altar boy until the day he was sexually molested by a priest. Needing to prove his manhood, Lawton as a teen began a criminal career taking bets on football games. He hung out at local bars, was embraced by mobsters, and soon became an “earner” and enforcer for the Gambino crime family. After a young thug made the mistakes of robbing a member of Lawton’s gang, Lawton took him into the basement of the mob bar and told the thug that if he didn’t tell him where the money was, he was going to be sorry. The thug finally talked, but not before Lawton left the imprint of a scalding-hot iron on his chest.

Lawton was then ordered by his superiors to rob a jewelry store in Florida. The owner, who sought to collect insurance on his losses, was in on it. The robbery made Lawton a small fortune, and for the next six years he pulled off heist after heist up and down the East Coast, frustrating the police and the FBI.

After six years he was caught, and sentenced to four twelve year sentences to run concurrently in some of America’s most brutal prisons. He was sent to solitary, tortured by guards, and after he began a letter writing campaign to publicize the brutality of prison life, he was targeted by the warden for further abuse. One day the guards beat him, stripped him naked, strapped him down spread eagle, and urinated on him as punishment. “Keep writing, Lawton,” said one guard as he walked away.

After Lawton served his term, he was asked by a friend to talk to the friend’s son, a boy who clearly was headed for a life of crime. Lawton vividly told the boy about what prison life really was about, and after a couple of weeks the boy’s father said to Lawton, “You ought to make this your life’s work. I don’t know what you told him, but he’s a different kid.” Since then Lawton has dedicated his life to working with America’s teens and young adults, telling them the truth about prison life, what they will lose, avoiding and dissolving bad associations, helping them to turn their lives around. His program, the nationally recognized Reality Check Program, is used by judges, law enforcement, government officials, attorneys and parents all over the country and has kept thousands of teens and young adults from going to prison. His success rate is incredible and well documented.  So is Larry Lawton’s story, he holds nothing back -


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Reality Check Program DVD Christmas Special with reviews

reality check DVDLawton911 the parent company of the Reality Check Program DVD has decided to institute a Christmas Special with regards to the purchase of the Reality Check Program DVD.  A 25% discount on the purchase of the DVD is available with no shipping and handling in the United States.  Just add promo code “LARRY”.   The normal price of the Reality Check Program DVD is $39.95, but with the 25% discount it is now $29.95. No gimmicks, just proven help for your loved one.

Please check out the following reviews of  the DVD:

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Why does the Reality Check Program work? Truth & Passion

Reality Check ProgramThe definition of insanity is; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Why does the Reality Check Program work? Truth, Passion and Something New.

Truth & Passion is what you will get when you ask Larry Lawton, about the Reality Check Program.

Why does the Reality Check Program work?

It is a two part answer.

First, young people connect with Larry Lawton because he has been there and has experienced all the things he talks about. A lot of programs have a police officer, counselor, teacher, etc, trying to “TELL” a kid what to do. It doesn’t work that way. If you want to wire a house, go to an electrician, if you want to show someone how to put handcuffs on a person, go to a cop, if you want to know what will happen if you make bad choices, see Larry, a man who made bad choices and paid dearly for them.

Larry is upfront and honest. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything and people respect that. Larry talks about the abuses going on in Read More »