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Reality Check Program DVDPerry Seibert, All Movie Guide ~ Reality Check Program DVD –  This documentary features ex-convict Lawrence Lawton explaining his harrowing time behind bars, and educating viewers on how they can make the right choices so they don’t follow in his footsteps. Aimed primarily at teens, Lawton’s forceful stories detail how making the right decisions early in life can lead to a much happier existence.

Bob Peterson, Denver Colorado – Thanks Reality Check, this DVD program gave my son back to us.  It is helping him to make good choices. He is at risk as all teenagers are, now he thinks before he Read More »

Law Enforcement Power, Voting, Favorite Quotes – By: Larry Lawton

american_flag-620x472This is why we all should love the United States so much. Our forefathers got it right. One of the greatest Presidents of the United States, a founder and signer of the Declaration of Independence saw the corruption of power so clearly.

Thomas Jefferson  – 3rd President  of  the United  States – 1743-1826: “Experience hath shown that even under the best forms of [government] those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operation, perverted it into tyranny.”

We have great law enforcement agencies and officers. It is the small minority that hurt the majority. Power is scary in the wrongs hands and that is what the citizens of the United States are seeing now. It is not a race issue, it is a power issue. Give the wrong man a badge and gun and  it is inevitable something bad will happen. Have bad law enforcement leadership and it is a recipe for disaster. We need our law enforcement more than ever now, but what we need most is, Read More »

Larry Lawton on why he is so passionate about helping young people stay on the straight and narrow?

Larry Lawton on why he is so passionate about helping young people and the Reality Check Program

Q: Why are you so passionate about helping young people stay on the straight and narrow?

A: It is not about the straight and narrow. Young people are supposed to make choices, mistakes and learn from them. What I do is, help young people understand that one bad choice can ruin their life.  I never tell a young person what to do; I show them in sometimes Read More »

Gangster Redemption – By: Peter Golenbock & Larry Lawton

 Print Edition



New York Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock and Larry Lawton write the story of Larry Lawton – from his childhood in the Bronx, New York,  being incarcerated and tortured in the Federal Bureau of Prisons; to how he developed and founded the Reality Check Program.

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Growing up in the Bronx in the shadow of the Throgs Neck Bridge, Larry Lawton was an altar boy until the day he was sexually molested by a priest. Needing to prove his manhood, Lawton as a teen began a criminal career taking bets on football games. He hung out at local bars, was embraced by mobsters, and soon became an “earner” and enforcer for the Gambino crime family. After a young thug made the mistakes of robbing a member of Lawton’s gang, Lawton took him into the basement of the mob bar and told the thug that if he didn’t tell him where the money was, he was going to be sorry. The thug finally talked, but not before Lawton left the imprint of a scalding-hot iron on his chest.

Lawton was then ordered by his superiors to rob a jewelry store in Florida. The owner, who sought to collect insurance on his losses, was in on it. The robbery made Lawton a small fortune, and for the next six years he pulled off heist after heist up and down the East Coast, frustrating the police and the FBI.

After six years he was caught, and sentenced to four twelve year sentences to run concurrently in some of America’s most brutal prisons. He was sent to solitary, tortured by guards, and after he began a letter writing campaign to publicize the brutality of prison life, he was targeted by the warden for further abuse. One day the guards beat him, stripped him naked, strapped him down spread eagle, and urinated on him as punishment. “Keep writing, Lawton,” said one guard as he walked away.

After Lawton served his term, he was asked by a friend to talk to the friend’s son, a boy who clearly was headed for a life of crime. Lawton vividly told the boy about what prison life really was about, and after a couple of weeks the boy’s father said to Lawton, “You ought to make this your life’s work. I don’t know what you told him, but he’s a different kid.” Since then Lawton has dedicated his life to working with America’s teens and young adults, telling them the truth about prison life, what they will lose, avoiding and dissolving bad associations, helping them to turn their lives around. His program, the nationally recognized Reality Check Program, is used by judges, law enforcement, government officials, attorneys and parents all over the country and has kept thousands of teens and young adults from going to prison. His success rate is incredible and well documented.  So is Larry Lawton’s story, he holds nothing back -


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Reality Check Program Class Surveys – By: Larry Lawton

Reality Check Program Class Surveys

Here are some Reality Check Program surveys from a recent class. (see below and click on the survey to enlarge it) Look at the age disparity. EVERYONE has to understand that the choices they make today will affect the rest of their life. It really doesn’t matter what age a person is, we all have choices to make every day. Make sure you make the right choice.

Reality Check Program DVD

Reality Check Program DVD – The #1 DVD in the country helping people understand the consequences of their choices. Click Here to purchase.

Everyday people ask me how it feels to do what I do. It is amazing and it is the best feeling in the world. The surveys below are why I do what I do and why I am so determined to make a difference in this world.

Thank you all for caring about people and the community you live in.

Click picture to purchase Reality Check Program DVD

Click picture to purchase Reality Check Program DVD

Larry Lawton

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