Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized? By: Larry Lawton

questionQuestion:  Should medical marijuana be legalized in Florida for medical purposes? Florida’s Amendment 2.

Answer: The right choice is voting YES on Amendment 2READ BELOW

The Reality Check Program is all about helping teens and adults make the right choices. The views expressed here are from Larry Lawton, Founder and President of the Reality Check Program and author of Gangster Redemption.

The RCP deals with teens and young adults on a daily basis who are going through a lot of problems because of minor marijuana arrests. A record, fines, court costs, time away from work, etc., and this creates more problems.  It is a snowball rolling down a hill. Law Enforcement needs to deal with more serious issues. Heroin, Oxycontin, Molly, Xanax, Acid, etc. NOT MARIJUANA.

Harassing young people with minor marijuana actually creates MM Read More »

Does the Reality Check Program work with Parents?

Yes, all the Reality Check Program Q&Atime.  I also work with grandparents, uncles, aunts and all child caregivers.

We are big believers in education and communications.  It is HOW you communicate and what you say that is important.  The Reality Check Parenting Program is recognized nationally and it is a way for parents to learn about Bullying, Gangs, Drugs, and a number of other issues.  I work with the parents to show the family how to communicate better, tackle complex issues, discipline teens and recognize problems BEFORE they become serious.


It can be difficult for parents to find solutions on how to help their kids to make good choices; the Reality Check Parenting Program is a program you won’t want to miss.

For more information, contact or 321-327-2921

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Reality Check Program – Q & A – Help for a 18 year old


My son is 18, we live in Philadelphia and summer is ending.  I am worried about my son because he keeps making bad choices like smoking marijuana, drinking, staying out late, etc.  He graduates high school this coming year and did well last year.  How long will this immature behavior last and will he grow out of it?


The first thing we ask when dealing with parents of young people is, do they have Read More »

Parting Words For College Students

Question:  My son is going off to college, do you have any suggestions on parting words?

Answer:  Most parents are elated but also nervous the first time a son or daughter heads away from home and off to college.  What do we tell our son or daughter as parting words?  Let’s not forget that by all rights they are legally adults.  No, I am not a Read More »

It’s School Time – Be Vigilant and Pro-Active

Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton

QUESTION: School has been back for only a few weeks and I see a difference in my 13 year old sons attitude, should I be concerned?

ANSWER: Well Debbie, you should be concerned when you see an attitude change in your child. Teenagers have a lot of different emotions and getting to the bottom of WHY your sons attitude has change is the key. Is he being bullied, using drugs, in tough classes, bad interaction with a teacher, jealous of others or is it a home issue. As you can see, it could be a number of things. The key is COMMUNICATIONS.

When I do my private programs I usually find that most families don’t communicate well. Take the time everyday to sit-down and talk with your son. Have dinner together and when you can’t, (That is the norm in today’s world because of work, schedules, after school activities, etc.) make sure you make time to just talk. You are always his parent but don’t lecture him, just talk. He might Read More »