Flakka – A growing problem parents need to know about.

Reality Check Program Question and AnswerWhat is Flakka? Flakka is new synthetic amphetamine-like stimulant that is similar to the compound contained in bath salts, also known as cathinones. It is produced from a compound known as alpha-PVP, synthetically derived and made from an amphetamine-like derivative of the drug, cathinone. In short – it is one of the most dangerous drugs out there.

Where did Flakka come from? It originated in the Middle East. Suppliers are from China, Pakistan, India and other countries from the Middle East.

flakkaWhat are the signs of Flakka use? Rage, screaming violently, superhuman strength, lose of reality, delusions, stripping off clothes (body temperature can go as high as 106 degrees) a huge let-down followed by serious depression.

How do people use it? Flakka comes in crystalline rock form, can be swallowed, snorted, injected, or used in an e- cigarette and vaped.

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Unrest in Baltimore and all over – Why is it happening? By: Larry Lawton

Reality Check Program Question and AnswerWhy is unrest happening in Baltimore and all over the United States?

That is such a complex question with many answers. Here is the simplest, There is no trust in Law Enforcement….

There are over 900,000 police officer (statistic by the national law enforcement officers memorial fund) in the United States. If 5% are bad, that is 45,000 bad police officers. If 2% are bad, that is 18,000 bad cops. Whatever the number is, there is a number. It is not zero. Why isn’t the good cops policing the bad ones? It is all about leadership. Why isn’t that being addressed?

When a community sees a video of two officers beating a man and 5 watching, they wonder why ALL of the cops aren’t being fired. The latest case that comes to mind is in South Carolina. One cop shoots a man in the back, he gets charged with first degree murder, (As he should have) but the black cop that tried to cover it up should have been charged with accessory after the fact to a murder. Did he get charged? You don’t read about that. If he did, the media and police department should have told the Read More »

Question: Beyond Scared Straight is a hit TV show on A&E, what is the difference between what you do and what they do?

March 20, 2015


We get asked this question a lot, so we well explain the difference in detail.

Beyond Scared Straight was a concept that was used in the 70’s and originated in Rahway State Prison in New Jersey.  The concept was to show teenagers what prison was really like in a hard, yelling and in your face way. The Scared Straight way has been proven to be ineffective and actually increase teens getting in trouble.  When a person yells at someone they put up a wall and close their minds.  Not a good way to teach something with lasting results.  What the Reality Check Program does is Read More »

My son is 12 and with spring break upon us, how do I keep him on track?


I am assuming you are talking about his grades and school work.  If that is the case, it is a year round project to teach your teenage son.  I expressed this in my parenting program all the time.

I suggest you do weekly projects with your son.  That will keep him in the here and now.   This week you might want to take him to the park and talk about a school project, upcoming test, or a social issue.  What you are doing by keeping it simple and weekly is showing him to be task orientated.

Our goal at the Reality Check Program is making sure he stays out of trouble so you CAN worry about his grades.  By doing the weekly meeting you will be on-top of your son in a lot of ways.  It is all about communications and as an adult we have to be the one who initiates communications.

Good luck and keep us posted on his grades.

Reality Check Program team

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Question: What is a person thinking when they are released from prison? By: Larry Lawton

Answer: After appearing on FOX News Orlando Saturday and Sunday discussing this issues I thought I would give some insight into what goes on in a person’s mind right before they leave prison.

After being incarcerated for X amount of years a person getting out of prison feels anxiety, fear, lack of trust and a number of other issues like what will I do for a living, how will I eat, where will I live, relationship stress, etc.  The latter part of what I wrote can be addressed and usually is to a degree.

The hardest part is the fear, anxiety and lack of trust for authority. It takes time, help from loved ones, help from trusted non-family members and help from the system itself. Sadly, the system is part of the problem and my goal is to change the system to help prevent future victims, the ex-offenders and all taxpayers because ultimately we all pay the price for failing to help ex-offenders readjust to society.

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Larry Lawton

Founder and President of Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program DVD