Community Policing – By: Larry Lawton

1 Breaking down the “Us Against Them” mentality the citizens have with the police.

When a community sees the police are willing to work with the “WHOLE” community, the police gain true partners. Most families have a member who made mistakes. Maybe they have a record, are an addict, etc., and when the citizens see the police are willing to help and work with all people, the police gain trust. It is not about race, it is about community interaction.

When cops work with ex-cons, at-risk teens, and people who had negative run-ins with the police, they show the whole community that the police are not judging people. Understanding how to Read More »

Larry Lawton on the Sid Rosenberg Show – 640AM #1 Show in south Florida 7/8/15

Lawton half shirtSid RosenbergLarry Lawton appears live on the Sid Rosenberg show on 640AM the #1 show in south Florida. Larry discusses his life, what prison is really like, Gangster Redemption and the Reality Check Program


Sid Rosenberg, Larry Lawton

Sid Rosenberg Show

Larry Lawton, Eric Lengyel, Sid Rosenberg


Sid Rosenberg, Larry Lawton, Eric Lengyel


Surviving an Encounter with Law Enforcement Seminar – With 31 Year Law Enforcement Officer Larry Carter

The Lcartergroup, the Reality Check Subscription Service Team and the south Brevard County Task Force in the city of Melbourne, FL. are conducting a seminar with the community titled: “Surviving an Encounter with Law Enforcement”.

The seminar will be an open discussion on what to do, and what not to do, when dealing with police on the streets. Topics covered will be Traffic Stops, Consensual Encounters, and Resisting Arrest w/o violence, a very common charge, and are the police allowed to lie to you?

What: Surviving an Encounter with Law Enforcement Seminar
When: Thursday, July 2, 2015 – 6pm to 8pm
Where: Grant Street Community Center, 2547 South Grant St. Melbourne, FL
Ages: 13 to 80 – Please pass this on to everyone in your community.

This is a free event and opened to the general public. ALL ARE WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND – No active duty law enforcement officials will be there. Speak your mind and get real information.

Larry CarterLarry Carter is a member of the Reality Check Subscription Service Team and works closely with Larry Lawton. The Reality Check Subscription Service Team encourages everyone to Read More »

S.T.A.N.D. – UP Rally – Larry Lawton To Speak At Rally

S.T.A.N.D. UP Rally is sponsored by – – The acronym stands for “Standing Tall Against Negative Decisions” The rally is to connect the community with law enforcement in a positive way. Hear about: Human Trafficking, The Truth About Drugs, “Dad, Who’s Really Keeping It Real?”

Larry Lawton Bad ChoicesLarry Lawton, Founder and President of the Reality Check Program, author of Gangster Redemption, Honorary Police Officer and recognize on the floor of the United States Congress will be speaking at 11am Saturday and on Sunday, Larry’s sermon will be on Matthew 16:26. “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

What: Haines City S.T.A.N.D. Up Rally

Where & When

Friday, July 17th – 8am – 3pm – Trinity Worship Center 2795 N. 10th St. Haines City, FL – “Breakfast Social & Read More »

Educating Parents and Helping Teens – The Reality Check Subscription Service

Reality Check Program Logo_blackEducating Parents and Helping Teens

Parents need to stay pro-active and up to date with information and tools to help their teen or young adult stay out of trouble and on the right path.

Join the Reality Check Subscription Service and get the nationally recognized Reality Check Program video, (Normally $35.00) free when you sign-up. You will then get weekly videos with tips and information to educate YOU, the parent. Only $9.95 per month.

Here is a sampling of some topics to be addressed.

1. New drugs for a parent to watch for: Flakka, Molly, Spice, Ecstacy – called Superman, Caffeine Powder, etc.

2. How to deal with an arrest. (Your rights) Petty Thefts, Drugs, Assaults, etc. The Legal Corner with Glenn Roderman, former Judge and Read More »