Reality Check Community Champion Award – So inspiring

Reality Check Community Champion Award

Three very deserving people received the 2014 Reality Check Community Champion Award.

Jim (Jimmy) Stivers, Judge David Silverman and Luke Farmer. Congratulations and Thank You for all you do. You are an inspiration and great role model.

Dr. Frank Filiberto, Jimmy Stivers, Judge David Silverman, Luke Farmer, Larry Lawton

Dr. Frank Filiberto, Jimmy Stivers, Judge David Silverman, Luke Farmer, Larry Lawton

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The RCCCA is given to individuals who go above and beyond with helping people and their community. A nomination process starts with submissions by foundation board members and the community at large. Once a decision is made, the awards are Read More »

2014 PBA Reality Check Classic a Big Success

The whole staff at Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program would like to extend a big thank you to all the sponsors of this great event. Click Here to see article and sponsors.

A PBA Tour Record for 300 games in one tournament.

2014 PBA Reality Check Classic

Connor Pickford

Connor Pickford

Connor Pickford, tied a south region tournament record by having four 300

Tommy Jones

Tommy Jones

games in one tournament, but it wasn’t enough to overtake Tommy Jones, a perennial winner with fifteen national PBA Tour titles including being the PBA Player of the Year in 2005-06. Tommy also won the 63rd U.S. Open.

Brevard County was represented well with Mike Coffey, (7th) John Donovan, (12th) both cashing winning checks, Sean Hoff (26th) just outside the money and Greg Young Jr. (33) a Team USA member.

Doyle, Young, Lawton, Farber

Doyle, Young, Lawton, Farber

Three member of Team USA were also present and did well. Matthew Farber, (20) Plainview, NY, Kamron Doyle, (16) Brentwood, TN and Greg Young Jr., (18) Viera, FL., Farber, 8th, Doyle, 11th, and Young 33rd. These young bowlers will be representing the United States in the World Youth Championships in Hong Kong in August 2014.  48 countries will be represented.

Bowling and College: Bowling is a letter sport in the state of Florida and colleges routinely give scholarships like any other sport.


Christina Hardee

Sean Riccardi, the 2013 PBA Reality Check Champion had a good tournament coming in third.

Christina Hardee, one of three women who competed against the men made the final 16 and cashed a nice check.

To see pictures of the 2014 PBA Reality Check Classic, CLICK HERE

Election time is close, why is it so important to vote? By: Larry Lawton, a man who cannot vote

your vote countsAs a convicted felon and man who cannot vote, (A felon’s right to vote will be addressed in an upcoming article) but with 100′s of thousands of followers, it is important Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program help inform the public and our followers on topics that affect them, such as, teen issues, crime, crime prevention, jails, prisons, rehabilitation and parenting.

As a media personality and man with a local, state and national voice and platform, it is important Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program research the candidates and topics. With 100’s of thousands of followers, everyone Read More »


Reality Check Program DVD Cover with DiscJeff Kottkamp, Lieutenant Governor of Florida – “Larry Lawton’s ‘Reality Check’ program is not only impactful—it has the potential to be life changing.  Children that watch the program will learn some very valuable life lessons.”

Bill Cassara, New York - “In 30 years of working in television news programs (60-minutes, 20/20) I would count Larry Lawton’s “Reality Check” DVD as one of the most important videos for teens and young adults. It’s tough talk from a man who knows first-hand about how easy it is to make poor choices. Larry Lawton’s Reality Check Program is making a difference”

Jackie Thomas, Iowa City, Iowa – I am a mother, grandmother and para-educator in the Iowa City Public School System. I have been a Montessori pre-school teacher for Read More »

Gangster Redemption – As hard as the beginning is, the end is what life is about. People do change. This book is a must read.

Gangster Redemption cover webNew York Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock and Larry Lawton write the story of Larry Lawton – from his childhood in the Bronx, New York, being incarcerated and tortured in the Federal Bureau of Prisons to how he developed and founded the Reality Check Program. 

Growing up in the Bronx in the shadow of the Throgs Neck Bridge, Larry as a teen began a criminal career taking bets on football games. He hung out at local bars, was embraced by mobsters, and soon became an “earner” for the mob.

After a young thug made the mistakes of robbing a member of Lawton’s gang, Lawton took him into the basement of the mob bar and told the thug that if he didn’t tell him where the money was, he was going to be sorry. The thug finally talked, but not before Lawton left the imprint of a scalding-hot iron on his chest.
Larry Lawton became one of Americas most notorious criminals by robbing jewelry stores up and down the east coats. For six years Lawton pulled off heist after heist, frustrating the police and the FBI.

Click Here to purchase Gangster Redemption – $14.95

After six years he was caught, and sentenced to four twelve year sentences to run concurrently in some of America’s most brutal prisons. He was sent to solitary, tortured by guards, and after he began a letter writing campaign to publicize the brutality of prison life, he was targeted by the warden for further abuse. One day the guards beat him, stripped him naked, strapped him down spread eagle, and urinated on him as punishment. “Keep writing, Lawton,” said one guard as he walked away.

After Lawton served his term, he was asked by a friend to talk to the friend’s son, a boy who clearly was headed for a life of crime. Lawton vividly told the boy about what prison life really was about, and after a couple of weeks the boy’s father said to Lawton, “You ought to make this your life’s work. I don’t know what you told him, but he’s a different kid.”
reality check DVD
Since then Lawton has dedicated his life to working with America’s teens and young adults, telling them the truth about prison life, what they will lose, avoiding and dissolving bad associations, helping them to turn their lives around. His program, the nationally recognized Reality Check Program, is used by judges, law enforcement, government officials, attorneys and parents all over the country and has kept thousands of teens and young adults from going to prison. His success rate is incredible and well documented.

Click Here to purchase Gangster Redemption – $14.95

Click Here to purchase the Reality Check Program DVD the #! DVD helping teens and young adults make better choices – 39.95

Customer Reviews
Rating Book Review
Great job Larry. This is a good book I read it front to back in 3 days …. Very glad to see Larry turn things around and point himself in the direction he has.
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Reviewed by:  from Melbourne Florida. – 6/2/2012
Rating Book Review
Larry Lawton has done his time in prison, and now, this former gangster has also charted his redemption – a noble plan to attempt saving the lives of some of America’s misguided young people. For that matter – many adults stand to benefit from reading this book; there is much to be learned. Brett Mills, Montana
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Reviewed by:  from Montana. – 6/28/2012
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