Larry Lawton’s Reality Check Program Goes Beyond Scared Straight

On Thursday A&E has a show on called Beyond Scared Straight.  We want to point out the differences between Lawton911/Reality Check Program and Beyond Scared Straight.

What prompted us to do this article is we receive a lot of emails asking us if we are a scared straight program?  Although we own we talk about REALITY, not scaring a person.

Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program DVD deal with issues of out of control teens and young adults, troubled teens, teens doing drugs, gang issues, teens with bad attitudes, at-risk teens, and in general, teens just making bad choices, we don’t scare teens.  We Read More »

Community Policing – By: Larry Lawton

1The “Us Against Them” mentality that the citizens and police have needs to change.

When a community sees the police are willing to work with the “WHOLE” community, the police gain true partners. Most families have a member who made mistakes. Maybe they have a record, are an addict, etc., and when the citizens see the police are willing to help and work with all people, the police gain trust. It is not about race, it is about community interaction.

When cops work with ex-cons, at-risk teens, and people who had negative run-ins with the police, they show the whole community that the police are not judging people. Understanding how to Read More »

Community policing and how it can work – Reality Check Program DVD

Community PolicingCommunity policing and how it can work. The “Us Against Them” mentality that the citizens in certain communities and the police have can be fixed, Here is how……

While the majority of data shows that community policing works, it is how it is implemented that is so important.

When the community sees the police are willing to work with an ex-con and the #1 program to help their child, the police gain true partners. Most families have a member who made some serious mistakes and has a record, or is an addict, or at least they know of a relative, or friend, who Read More »

Holiday Season Help – Drugs Are The Killer Of Our Youth – By: Larry Lawton

The Reality Check Program has been in business for six years now and we have seen a trend. We get more calls for help during the holiday season. Is it because kids are off school  and have more time to get in trouble or is it the stresses of the holiday season? We suspect there are numerous reasons and causes, but as we always say, there is a time and place to Read More »

Larry Lawton on the Vipp Jaswal Report – FOX News Radio NYC

Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton was interviewed on the Vipp Jaswal Report on FOX News Radio NYC.

Fox News Radio


Vipp Jaswell

Vipp Jaswal is a great interviewer and was very prepared. Vipp asked Larry questions Larry hasn’t heard before. Larry being Larry was very candid and upfront. Larry discussed the 2 million dollar robbery in NYC in detail. From how a robbery might happen to buying a diamond. Larry gave advice on how NOT to get ripped off and who might be the real criminals.

Vipp asked Larry about the Reality Check Program, the book Gangster Redemption and the future movie Gangster Redemption the movie. This was a great show.

CLICK HERE to listen to the show