Larry Lawton on the Vipp Jaswal Report – FOX News Radio NYC

Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton was interviewed on the Vipp Jaswal Report on FOX News Radio NYC.

Fox News Radio


Vipp Jaswell

Vipp Jaswal is a great interviewer and was very prepared. Vipp asked Larry questions Larry hasn’t heard before. Larry being Larry was very candid and upfront. Larry discussed the 2 million dollar robbery in NYC in detail. From how a robbery might happen to buying a diamond. Larry gave advice on how NOT to get ripped off and who might be the real criminals.

Vipp asked Larry about the Reality Check Program, the book Gangster Redemption and the future movie Gangster Redemption the movie. This was a great show.

CLICK HERE to listen to the show

Reality Check Program DVD Christmas Special with reviews

reality check DVDLawton911 the parent company of the Reality Check Program DVD has decided to institute a Christmas Special with regards to the purchase of the Reality Check Program DVD.  A 25% discount on the purchase of the DVD is available with no shipping and handling in the United States.  Just add promo code “LARRY”.   The normal price of the Reality Check Program DVD is $39.95, but with the 25% discount it is now $29.95. No gimmicks, just proven help for your loved one.

Please check out the following reviews of  the DVD:

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Why does the Reality Check Program work? Truth & Passion

Reality Check ProgramThe definition of insanity is; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Why does the Reality Check Program work? Truth, Passion and Something New.

Truth & Passion is what you will get when you ask Larry Lawton, about the Reality Check Program.

Why does the Reality Check Program work?

It is a two part answer.

First, young people connect with Larry Lawton because he has been there and has experienced all the things he talks about. A lot of programs have a police officer, counselor, teacher, etc, trying to “TELL” a kid what to do. It doesn’t work that way. If you want to wire a house, go to an electrician, if you want to show someone how to put handcuffs on a person, go to a cop, if you want to know what will happen if you make bad choices, see Larry, a man who made bad choices and paid dearly for them.

Larry is upfront and honest. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything and people respect that. Larry talks about the abuses going on in Read More »

Reality Check Yacht Program

Reality Check Yacht Program

Does your son or daughter need a REALITY CHECK? Help for your son or daughter the exclusive way. The Reality Check Yacht Program.

Have your son or daughter experience the nationally recognized Reality Check Program on a super yacht for 7 days with Larry Lawton and nine other teens.

Larry Bad Choices

70% better attitudes, 43% better school grades, 31% better school attendance. Click Here to view quantitative analysis.

For seven days, yourson or daughter will experience a week of the award winning Reality Check Program on a super yacht. Larry Lawton personally educates your son or daughter the only way that works, with REALITY. Young people relate to Larry.

superyacht-slideUnderstanding you have to mix the good with the bad. Larry Lawton educates with fun and reality. Jet skies, parasailing, fishing, slides, island excursions, 5-star dining and all the fun a super yacht offers, plus, every day Larry teaches a different part of the nationally recognized Reality Check Program. Larry interacts with all Read More »

Bullying – What Students Can Do – By: Larry Lawton

Students play a very important role in helping a school eradicate bullying. Students may not know what to do if they witness a bullying incident or become the target of bullying themselves. Students can, however, do the following:

  • Seek immediate help from an adult. If adults do not hear about the incidents, they cannot disrupt and stop the behavior.
  • Report bullying/victimization incidents to school personnel.
  • Speak up and/or offer support to the victim.
  • Participate in the development of school safety planning through committees and organizations.
  • Encourage their parents to become involved in school activities.
  • Become a buddy for a younger or quieter student.

Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program have a bullying program specifically designed for schools.  It is done in an auditorium setting and it is unique in it shows the “bully” what will happen to him in a place he doesn’t want to go.  Our parenting program can be helpful or we can do the school assembly for the students – let your school know we are available for these programs and insist that our unique and successful approach be utilized.  Call 321-327-2921 for more information and to schedule Larry for your school.