Reality Check Program Surveys

Larry LawtonThe Reality Check Program is the most powerful results orientated program in the United States.

“Education not Incarceration with the Reality Check Program”

People sometimes need a wake-up call and a second chance. America is the country of second chances and most people will need one sometime during their life time. No matter what age they are.

Please look at a sampling of some surveys from a class done on 2-23-15.  Note the ages. The Reality Check Program is for everyone.

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Top 5 Trending Teen Drugs – by: Larry Lawton & The Reality Check Program

Understanding what drugs and problems your child is facing is so important.

Dealing with teens and young adults on a daily basis we see what drugs are trending.

Top 5 Trending Teen Drugs

teen-drinkingAlcohol: Alcohol is the number one drug of choice among persons under the age of 21 in the United States. Underage drinking is reaching epidemic proportions. It IS NOT okay to let your underage child drink in the house. We hear parents say, as long as it is under my roof. That is a recipe for disaster. As the guardian you are responsible and if anything happens, YOU will be held accountable.

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What Texting Symbols Parents Need To Know – Reality Check Program

Staying informed with the Reality Check Program Subscription Service

textingParents need to stay pro-active and up to date with information. The Reality Check Program is launching a  subscription service with videos and information that could save your teen or young adult from serious consequences. One bad choice could ruin a persons life.

There will be new videos every week, information by various professionals, a live monthly web seminar with Larry Lawton, a resource center and so much more. Here are just a few of the topics we will touch on in videos, live chats and an exclusive newsletters.

1. New drugs for a parent to watch for. Molly, Spice, Ecstacy – called Superman, Caffeine Powder, etc.

2. How to deal with an arrest. (Your rights) Petty Thefts, Drugs, Assaults, etc.

3. How to deal with failing grades and what the root cause might be.

4. We will read letters from prisoners who are still incarcerated to open a person’s eyes.

5. How to communicate better with your teen or young adult.

And much much more……………………

In a nutshell, we will be opening the eyes of parents and young adults to the reality of today’s environment.

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School Library Journal Reviews Larry Lawton’s Reality Check Program Video

School Library JournalThe School Library Journal (SLJ) review of the Reality Check Program Video. SLJ is the world’s largest and most authoritative reviewer of children’s and young adult content—principally books, but also including audio, video, and the Web—the magazine and its Web site provide 38,000 subscribers with information indispensable in making purchasing decisions. The Journal serves librarians who work with students in school and public libraries, reaching an audience of more than 100,000.

The review was featured in the School Library Journal:

The Reality Check Program. Video. 1:07 hrs. Prod. by Larry Lawton. Dist. by LL Research & Consulting, Inc. retail $39.95, bulk pricing as low as $10.00.

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Larry Lawton’s Reality Check Program Goes Beyond Scared Straight

On Thursday A&E has a show on called Beyond Scared Straight.  We want to point out the differences between Lawton911/Reality Check Program and Beyond Scared Straight.

What prompted us to do this article is we receive a lot of emails asking us if we are a scared straight program?  Although we own we talk about REALITY, not scaring a person.

Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program DVD deal with issues of out of control teens and young adults, troubled teens, teens doing drugs, gang issues, teens with bad attitudes, at-risk teens, and in general, teens just making bad choices, we don’t scare teens.  We Read More »