Mom goes on trial for killing her 13 and 16 year old teenage children.

Teenage children drive military spouse crazy – Could the Reality Check Program help in situations like this? Absolutely YES!

(2011) Julia Powers Schenecker, the wife of an Army colonel at the Tampa, Fla., headquarters of the Central Command, shot to death her 13-year-old son and 16-year-daughter. Police arrived at the upscale family home and found Schenecker sitting in a chair, covered in blood, before she could kill Read More »

Reality Check Program Saves Lives – By: Larry Lawton

The Reality Check Program DVD saves lives everyday. “Seeing young people change is an amazing feeling”, said Larry Lawton

I decided to share some Reality Check Program participant surveys.  The Reality Check Program is the most powerful program in the nation which helps young people understand that the choices they make today will affect the rest of their lives. We need it in every school, court system and home in the United States and around the world.

The Reality Check Program surveys are a must read.

The RCP is the only program of its kind and is used by courts, law enforcement, the DOJ weed and seed program and parents all over the world.  We can debate a lot of issues, but lets not debate success.

Below, I attached surveys from RCP participants ages 12 -33. There is a cross section of races, gender and age. Some participants are sentenced by the courts; some are because an agency, parent or relative wanted that person to attend. See what makes this program different from any other program and you will Read More »

Holiday Cheer, Make Sure They Are 21 – By: Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton, Founder and President of the Reality Check Program and author of Gangster Redemption discuss the law and good choice-making by parents.

Here is the scenario: A few relatives and friends are over for a small holiday party. One of your friends has his 20 year old son with him. The son asks for an alcoholic drink and the father says it is okay. Well, NO IT ISN’T. Here is why:

The young man has only one drink and leaves. On his way home an old lady hits him andNews - parents sued over teen drinking death 11-26-13 she dies, clearly not his fault.  A blood test is performed and the young man has a blood alcohol level of .oo1. You as the host of that party are in trouble, giving alcohol to a minor.

This scenario is not uncommon. In today’s society we have to be careful of what our duties are as a parent. We, as parents have to Read More »

Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program recognized by the United States Congress

Bill PoseyUnited States Congressman Bill Posey recognizes Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program.

November 21, 2013, on the floor of the United States Congress, Congressman Bill Posey (R – Fla) recognized Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program. Below is the speech red into the congressional record. 

CLICK HERE to see a video of the speech.

Reality Check Program speech by Rep. Bill Posey

Larry Lawton



REALITY CHECK PROGRAM — (House of Representatives – November 21, 2013)

[Page: H7335]


Mr. POSEY. Thank you Mr. Speaker, I want to draw attention to a positive program that helps young people make better choices. It is called the Reality Check Program, and it was founded by Larry Lawton of West Melbourne, Florida.

In his youth, Mr. Lawton lived a life of crime, and that ultimately landed him in Federal prison for 11 hard years. Upon his release, Larry dedicated his life to helping kids everywhere make better choices by reaching at-risk young people before they make serious mistakes. Larry uses his experiences in prison to show kids the truth about where that path leads and what life in prison is really like.


[Page: H7336]

The Reality Check Program has earned recognition from many in local law enforcement, from county and State judges and, of course, from families and, possibly, wayward kids. In Missouri, the Lake St. Louis Police Department enlisted Larry Lawton as an honorary deputy.

Helping kids make better choices makes for healthier families, safer communities, and a stronger Nation. I salute the program.






Halting Recidivism – One Way and a New Life – A New Program

FBOPLarry Lawton is the author of Gangster Redemption, developer of the nationally recognized Reality Check Program DVD, youth and prison expert, motivational speaker and TV show host.

Recidivism is a growing and significant issue for the country and it has no single definition.[1]   Generally, most definitions share three characteristics:

  1. A starting event such as release from custody, program completion, or probation.
  2. A measure of failure following the starting event, such as a subsequent arrest, a subsequent arrest for a violent crime, a conviction resulting from a subsequent arrest, or a new commitment resulting from a subsequent arrest.
  3. A recidivism window (e.g., 6 months, one year, two years, three years, etc,) beginning with the date of the starting event.

An individual will be recidivated if the individual has a failure event within the recidivism window.  A recidivism rate is Read More »