Reality Check DVD

This program will help your son, daughter or loved one avoid and dissolve bad associations

Help for troubled teens is available, the Reality Check Program DVD has a proven success rate in changing the way teens think about choices.  Be proactive and act now to help your teen or young adult make better choices.

  • Does your teen or young adult make bad choices from time to time?  Are you concerned?
  • Are you dealing with a troubled teen?
  • Is your teenager out of control? Attitude problems?
  • Are your kids at risk?  Is your teenager lying, stealing,  doing drugs or having issues with respect?
  • Has your teen been arrested?
  • Has your teen received disciplinary action at school?
  • Do you feel your teenager is out of control?
  • Do you need a solution for: troubled teens, problem teenagers and teen behavior problems?
  • Is your teen hanging out with the wrong crowd?
  • Is your teen using drugs, alcohol, or other illegal substances?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I urge you to act now.