1. How much does Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program cost?

It all depends on the services needed. Each case is reviewed on a case by case basis and a plan of action is developed. Our live classes start at $50.00 for juveniles and $100 for adults per person. The Online Reality Check Program Video retails for $39.95.

All Businesses, Law Enforcement and Churches qualify for the free marketing package. Please Click Here to contact us and we will explain how we can help your business, while you help your employees and the community.

    1. Is Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program willing to travel?

Yes, we help individuals, families, municipalities, and companies across the country. Location will not be an excuse for not getting you the help you need.  Also available for presentations, keynote addresses, and motivational speaking; Larry Lawton frequently appears on national TV, radio and been written about in newspapers all over the world. Larry brings the most entertaining, inspirational, motivational and informative stories to audiences throughout the United States and abroad. In particular, Larry has a unique way of speaking to teens and young adults; they listen to his message as he speaks their language with facts, truth and no sugarcoating. Fill out a contact form and let us know your needs, a member of Larry’s team will get right back to you to discuss a booking.

    1. Is Larry Lawton a lawyer?

No, Larry Lawton is a certified paralegal who has been through the system, experienced things first hand, and can save you THOUSANDS. We encourage you to talk to us before you talk to a lawyer, as we can guide you in the right direction.

    1. How can Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program help my child or loved one?

There are a number of programs available for individuals or businesses. Click Here to see what we offer. We can follow your legal case from start to finish and give you the best guidance possible when you need it most. Most kids choose not to listen to a parental figure, we understand this.  We have successfully communicated and gotten through to many individuals. What we can promise you is guidance from start to finish on a problem or a legal/crisis matter. Click Here to view recommendation letters from various officials.

    1. What methods of payment does Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cash, money orders or a personal check in specific situations. We also offer convenient payment plans for our ongoing consultation and ongoing one on one programs.

    1. When and where are the Reality Check Programs held?

The Reality Check Program sessions are typically held twice a month. Click Here to see future class dates, times and locations. Please call us (321-327-2921) or Click Here to contact us by email for more information and to register.

    1. Can I just show up to the Reality Check Program?

Yes, but we recommend calling and registering because if the class is full, prior registration gets preference.

    1. We live in an area where you have no Reality Check Program, how can you help us?

We can help you. We would advise that you purchase our Online Reality Check Program Video. This will be a first step and help open up a dialogue between parents and teens. The Online Reality Check Program Video features Larry Lawton’s story – how he lost his time, his family, his freedom and much more. In this 67 minute DVD, through pictures and stories, you’ll see what prison is REALLY like and how a young teen or adult can avoid making the same mistakes he made. Click here for more information regarding our Online Reality Check Program Video.

    1. What age is appropriate for the Online Reality Check Program Video?

The video is for ages 11 and up and we also encourage all adults to view the video. Many adults get a Reality Check from our video. Families watching the video have an opportunity for an open dialogue when discussing bad choices and consequences no matter what age.

    1. Is Larry Lawton available for speaking engagements?

Larry Lawton is available for speaking engagements for companies, conferences, or other church, school and civic events. Please call for booking information or Click Here to request information.