Larry Lawton Bio

Larry Lawton BioAuthor, TV Personality, Speaker and Teen/Young Adult Expert.

Developed the nationally recognized Reality Check Program.

Larry’s life story is depicted in the book “Gangster Redemption” which was co-written with 8 time NY Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock.

TV Appearances

“The Huckabee Show” on FOX News, “The Trisha Goodard Show” on NBC, “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart on CC,  “The 700 Club” with Pat Robertson on CBN, “The Daily Buzz”, “The Healing Today Show” on CTN, “Making A Difference” on CBS Orlando, Casey Anthony Expert on Casey’s release from confinement on FOX News Orlando. Larry host a monthly show on Brevard Notes called “Lawton’s Law” on Brighthouse Networks talking about law, teens and the best way to help young people. To view Larry’s appearance CLICK HERE

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Lawrence “Larry” Lawton

A stocky, muscular man with a shaved head, tattoos covering his body and dark goatee; he is not their Father, Mother, Teacher, Counselor, or the Police; he is an ex-con with a passion for helping teens and young adults. Larry Lawton spent 11 years in some of the toughest federal prisons in the country. He was convicted of racketeering in connection with jewelry robberies. Upon his release from prison, he developed the Reality Check Program.

Larry Lawton, Lawrence Lawton, Reality Check ProgramBorn and raised in the Bronx and Brooklyn NY, Larry spent six years in the Coast Guard before making some bad choices which led him to associations with organized crime.  While in prison Lawton saw inmates stabbed and friends die.  He saw young men raped and turned out as prostitutes for other inmates.  Lawton was stabbed and stabbed others.  He studied to be a paralegal and became a gang mediator; he somehow kept his sanity by helping other inmates.

Lawton changes the way teens and young adults think. It’s all about choices, and Lawton tells his story of bad choices which led to serious consequences. How he lost time, his family, friends and his freedom; and that it just wasn’t worth it.

The nationally recognized Reality Check Program consists of four parts: Decision-making, What prison is REALLY like, , What you will Lose and Avoiding and Dissolving Bad Associations.  The RCP is available on DVD, for groups, organizations, schools and corporations as well as private individual one on one sessions.  Consulting and guidance is available for teens, young adults and families with a legal/crisis problem situation. Lawton’s programs are recommended by police chiefs, sheriffs, judges, prosecutors, state attorneys and families all across the country.

Larry Lawton brings the most entertaining, inspirational, motivational and informative stories to audiences throughout the United States. Corporations, Law Enforcement, Churches and Community Organizations bring Larry in as he has a unique way of connecting with audiences.  Teens and young adults listen to his message as he speaks their language with facts, truth and no sugarcoating.

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