Going To Prison For One Year – What A Family Needs To Know – Part 1

Question: My 19 year old son was sentenced to one year in jail on a drug charge. I hear so many horrible stories. I am scared for him. Can you please give me advice on what I can do?

Answer: Your question has many answers for you and your son. I will answer this question over the next five newsletters. You can email my office at info@lawton911.com for an immediate answer.

Let’s start at the beginning. Stand by your son. The littlest things will mean a lot. Write letters at least once a week, even if he doesn’t reply. You might think he has all the time in the world to write, but his main concern will be survival. Visit if you can, but don’t feel guilty if you can’t.

You said he had a one year sentence. Was it one year exactly, or one year and a day? That is important because it will determine where he is sent. With a sentence of a year and a day, he goes to a state facility. One year and under he goes to a county jail. There are a number of pluses and minuses with both locations. I will get into that in the next few newsletters.

I will address prison issues in the next five newsletters, but please keep all kinds of questions coming.

Please keep in mind I do expert witnessing and consulting on prison and criminal cases CLICK HERE to learn more. Prevention is the key. Never give up.


Larry Lawton

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  1. Jodi Schaffer
    Posted March 15, 2013 at 12:28 pm | Permalink

    Hi Larry:
    Was happy to see your comment to Mom about her son and his one year sentence.
    On Monday I go to Court for Matt’s sentencing hearing since the victims get a chance to speak to the court.
    I am sure it will be interesting and very sad.
    I have not accepted any calls from either he or Johnathan.
    I Love them both but feel they only lie to me so why bother. I feel I must keep my word “I will never visit you in jail” I was much to soft on discipline when they were here and I know they thought it was a game.
    I am working on detachment from both of them, and examining my motives for wanting to help them. When Ed died he said when I asked for his forgivness in disrupting our home in this way and he said ” I’m just sorry for you, You tried so hard”
    Freaky isn’t it , this was the only thing we disagreed on in 35 years of marriage.

    God Bless You for staying strong.

    Boys need more Men who care and can help these lost souls. More men to step up and take on the challenge.
    Women are not the answer, Where are the men with backbone?
    I am sure the percentage is very high of young men in jail who are fatherless.

    Oh well, I will get off my soapbox now and go back to my garden where it is peaceful.

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