Corporate & Keynote Speaking

Our Corporate Program can Save You Money…  The Reality Check Video Gift Card Helps You Market and Promote Your Company, While Saving Young People.

The Reality Check Video Gift card – A 67 minute video to help teens and adults make better choices, #1 video in the US. (A $35 value for as low as $5 for organizations) is a great tool for any business to help employees, customers and foster positive community relations.

When a parent has an at-risk teen that is acting out it affects your business. Lost productivity, absenteeism, and missed work ultimately affect your bottom line. By offering our program as a benefit to your employees, you will accomplish multiple objectives. Caring for and helping your employees will benefit your company.

The #1 video in the country helping young people make better choices. A better home life equals better productivity and a happier employee.

National Drug Screening card frontMany corporations utilize the Reality Check Video Gift Card as a promotional item for potential and existing customers as well as for trade show giveaways. (The CEO gives a personal message) What a great gift to give out, something that helps families as opposed to the standard giveaways like rulers, pens, squeeze balls etc. What a concept, help a family AND promote your business. The family you help will share with other families, a multiplier effect to promote your business.

For pricing on the Reality Check Video Gift Card, which includes a free webpage promoting your company, free printing on the card and a special video message from your CEO. Please call 844-922-4800 or email

Corporate program are customized for the needs of the company and the CEO’s philosophy on helping employees and their kids. Programs include the Reality Check Video Gift Cards to distribute to employees and/or live appearances by Mr. Lawton for employee meetings, corporate events, retreats, trade shows, conferences, etc

Keynote & Motivational Speaking

Available for presentations, keynote addresses, and motivational speaking; Larry Lawton appears on national TV, radio, been written about in newspapers and has brought the most entertaining, inspirational, motivational and informative stories to audiences throughout the United States.  Larry has a unique way of speaking to both youth and adult audiences.  He is an inspirational speaker that will motivate your employees to get more out of their own lives, and ultimately be a better employee.

Recently a CEO of a Midsize Company Told Us…

“Your program will give us a complete return on our investment, create better employee /company relationships, and allow us to help our employees who are worried about their children.”

We will develop an employee benefit and/or marketing/promotional program based on the specific needs of your company and your employees.

Please call: 844-922-4800 or email