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Court systems use the program for plea offers, pretrial diversion programs, probation sanctions and juvenile dispositions. A great program designed to divert individuals from incarceration by providing alternatives to incarceration and thereby helping to reduce jail overcrowding.


Reality Check Proven Results Summary

How the DVD Program works:  The Court Ordered Reality Check Program DVD must be purchased and viewed by the defendant and a ten question  DVD test  must  be successfully completed.  A certificate of completion will be issued to the defendant upon a passing score of 80%  on the DVD test.

The Court Ordered Reality Check DVD shows teens and adults the consequences of making bad choices.  Topics include decision making, what prison is REALLY like, what you will lose, and avoiding and dissolving bad associations.

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The fee for Reality Check Program DVD, test, grading and  processing is $45.00 plus tax and shipping and handling.

Reality Check Program
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Judge David Silverman: “The Reality Check Program is designed to impart hope to each participant … Coming from an ex-con who reinvented himself, it is a message that resonates with force and clarity for many teens and young adults and that can have a profound effect on their self image, their conduct and their future.”