Expert Witness

Expert Witness for Trials and Sentencing Hearings

Larry Lawton is the Founder and President of Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program DVD. A recognized expert on teen and young adult issues and the negative affect prison has on an individual. Larry is a certified paralegal, motivational speaker and ex-con with extensive knowledge of the C.F.R. (Code of Federal Regulations).

TRIALS: As an expert witness in cases involving drugs, robberies, assaults, white collar crimes, etc., the jurors hear from an expert witness that a person’s past does matter. We all know the way a testimony is given is very important. Jurors connect with Larry and might believe your client is not guilty or at the very least, less culpable.

SENTENCING: Larry’s expertise gives the Judge a reason to depart from the sentencing guidelines. When asked what affect a prison sentence will have on an individual, the Judge gets a different perspective and can make a better determination on what the proper sentence should be. At the very least, the Judge has a reason to sentence an individual at the bottom of the guidelines.

“Larry Lawton is a valu
able resource who brings hard-earned experience, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help people to every case he works. He has “real world cred” that reaches people, both young and old, in a way that a parent, attorney, spouse or friend could not.”

— Robin C. Lemonidis, Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Trial Law

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