Parenting Program

Lawton911, Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program are available to schools and other organizations for programs for parents.

Mr. Lawton is a big believer in education and communications.  It is HOW you communicate and what you say that is important.  The Reality Check Parenting Program is recognized nationally and it is a way for parents to learn about Bullying, Gangs, Drugs, and a number of other issues.  Mr. Lawton shows the family how to communicate better, tackle complex issues, discipline teens and recognize problems BEFORE they become serious.

Mr. Lawton has appeared on national TV, Radio and in print media all over the country.  His unique style and extensive background in dealing with thousands of teenagers makes Mr. Lawton a leader in the field of teen issues and a sought after presenter.

Parenting Programs are for the parent and are customized to the specific age of the parent’s children.  Mr. Lawton’s programs can be customized for children ages 7 through 10, 11 through 17 and yes, 18 through 25.  We have found that young adults are still a parenting issue.  It might be in a different way, but a parenting issue none the less. Check out the testimonials on our parenting program.

To set-up a Reality Check Parenting Program for your school, organization, community center or just a group of concerned parents, contact Lawton911 at 321-327-2921 or and we can customize a Parenting Program for your needs.

Watch some video clips from our parenting program with Larry Lawton: