Pilot Program…. Reality Check New Life Auto Detailing

Reality Check New Life Auto Detailing is a pilot program designed by Larry Lawton the Founder and President of the Reality Check Program and author of Gangster Redemption to help teens and young adults stay out of trouble and give ex-felons a fresh start in life.

The pilot program targets teens or young adults who have been making bad choices with an ex-felon who has demonstrated they have changed and are able to communicate the right message.

The ex-felon has to demonstrate to Larry Lawton that they have changed, can teach the teen or young adult about the negative effects of prison, has good work ethic, is responsible and has good values.

The participants are screened in a way more strict than probation. They get random urinalysis, spot checked and have to fill out daily work forms.

The Reality Check Program funded the program and donated a van. Larry obtained the services of Rafael Gonzalez from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Rafael is an expert in automobile detailing.

Rafael will run the van and kick start the program in Brevard County Florida. The rates for detailing are very reasonable and services guaranteed with a million dollar insurance policy.

In Brevard County, Florida please email the Reality Check Program at info@lawton911.com to get your vehicle detailed and help support this worth while cause.

If you are interested in starting a Reality Check New Life Auto Detailing program in your area please email Larry Lawton direct at Larry@lawton911.com.