Prison Consulting

Prison Consulting

How federal, state and local government officials and the general public view and think about prisons, jails, and probation agencies is what matters.  Your business depends on it.  As a program developer, government adviser, national media contributor, author, teen and young adult expert and paralegal, Larry Lawton understands the inner workings of prisons better than anyone. Officials listen to Larry because of his unmatched experience.

How can Larry Lawton help your business:

  • New Business
  • Government Affairs
  • Navigating The Media
  • Expert Testimony
  • Savings On Insurance
  • Lawsuits
  • Cost Savings

Larry Lawton’s Experience:

Larry Lawton has advised federal, state and local officials, judges, law enforcement, attorneys, CEO’s, TV executives and spoke at Congress. Larry has firsthand experience you can’t get from a book, lecture or seminar. Larry spent eleven years in some of the toughest prisons in the United States, fought prison abuses, mediated gang activity; has ten years of legal work with the C.F.R. (Code of Federal Regulations on prisons)

Larry appears regularly on local and national TV shows and was the Casey Anthony expert on FOX News dealing with Casey’s release from three years of incarceration. (Click here to view Larry on FOX News Orlando Matters) Larry developed the #1 program to help teens and young adults avoid prison.

Larry Lawton in Washington – Click Here to view Larry’s pictures from Congress and the Department of Justice.

The Reality Check Program is a court ordered program used by judges as a sentencing tool. State attorney’s, public defenders, and private attorneys also use the program and Larry Lawton as an expert witness with regards to the effect of prison on a client.

Larry is the author of GangLarry Lawtonster Redemption a book about his life. His co-author is Peter Golenbock an eight time NY Times bestselling author. Larry doesn’t sugarcoat it. From his bad past, his prison experiences and how he developed the #1 program in the country. Larry’s strong Christian faith has guided him and guides him to this day. Click here for reviews by Florida’s 17th Lt. Governor, Florida TaxWatch CEO, 60 Minutes Cameraman and many others.

To work with Larry and learn how he can help your company. Email Larry direct at or call 321-327-2921.