Private & Group Programs

Lawrence Lawton and the Reality Check Program are available for private group and one on one sessions. Many organizations bring in Mr. Lawton for assistance in reaching teens and young adults with a strong message about choices. Some families prefer a private program where Mr. Lawton spends one on one time with their child. Let us know your circumstances and we will provide more information and quote costs for these private group and/or one on one programs. Click Here to Contact the Reality Check Program.

Larry does travel and is available for private programs, consultation and speaking engagements.  Many organizations bring in Mr. Lawton for assistance in reaching teens and young adults with a strong message about choices.

Available for presentations, keynote addresses, and motivational speaking; Lawrence Lawton has appeared on TV, radio, been written about in newspapers and has brought the most entertaining, inspirational, motivational and informative stories to audiences throughout the United States. In particular, Larry has a unique way of speaking to teens and young adults; they listen to his message as he speaks their language with facts, truth and no sugarcoating.

There are several ways to facilitate the cost of booking Larry for a private program, consultation, and/or speaking engagement:

  • Option 1, Direct Payment: the standard fee for engagements out of town is $7500.00 per day plus travel expenses for transportation, lodging and meals.  Larry will spend the entire day with your organization, providing a 2 ½ hour presentation for kids’ ages 11+, speaking to parents, your organization, giving suggestions on ways to help your community or organization. Larry will have a question and answer format with teens/young adults as well as community leaders.  Larry can provide updates on teen issues such as gang signs, attitudes, peer pressure, etc..
  • Option 2, Fundraising Package: you can use our Reality Check Program DVD as a fundraiser and pay for Larry’s visit plus make some money for your organization.  With the purchase of 1000 DVD’s at $15.00 each, Larry will waive the $7500.00 fee.  You can then sell the DVD’s at $25.00 per.  So your total cost is $15,000.00 + Larry’s expenses to come to your area and you have the opportunity to raise funds for your organization – or you can find a sponsor to fund the whole project and give out the DVD’s at no cost in your area.
  • Option 3, Grants, Donations: Non-profit organizations in your area might have grants available to fund a project for helping at risk kids.  Many business owners care deeply about our future and about our kids, they may be interested in funding a project of this nature.  The business then gets the marketing exposure (please email us and we will explain the process) while helping at risk kids.

Click Here to Contact  Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program.