Reality Check Program

Scared Straight?

If you watched the latest episode of “Beyond Scared Straight” on A&E, you understand the importance of your son or daughter having their eyes opened to the consequences of their actions.

Ready for Real Help?

The Reality Check Program DVD is your first step. This program is REAL help, not a TV show. It is the first step and most important step in helping your loved one. Giving understanding of what prison is REALLY like is what the Reality Check Program DVD does.

A mother bought this DVD for her son and they watched it together. A few days later the Mom walked in and saw her son watching the DVD with his cousin (when no one asked them to). The mom quoted, “the DVD has a lasting impression with great information and stories that last and my son has stayed out of trouble”.

Saving your loved one is what matters. Don’t wait, this is the most important DVD you will ever buy.

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What is the Reality Check Program?

The Reality Check DVD is a one of a kind product that shows teens and young adults the consequences of making bad choices. Topics include decision making, what prison is REALLY like, what you will lose, and avoiding and dissolving bad associations. The DVD is 67 minutes in length and appropriate for ages 11 and up. Larry Lawton an ex-con who spent 11 years in federal prison tells his story – how he lost his time, his family, his freedom. Through pictures and stories, you’ll see what prison is REALLY like and how a young teen or adult can avoid making the same mistakes he made. This program works and has proven success.

Larry Lawton lived “The Life.” He learned from his mistakes, and he will help your loved ones understand that a life of crime is no life at all. Today, he devotes his new life to helping teens and young adults BEFORE they are arrested – or worse. Teens and young adults listen to his story and make changes in their behavior – they listen and make better choices.

This program is acknowledged by the juvenile and drug courts as being effective in helping at-risk teens recognize the consequences of their actions.

You have nothing to lose, if you don’t like the program return it for a full refund. It is only $39.95 – is this a reasonable investment to help your loved ones to stay out of trouble?

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If you’re teen gets arrested and is facing juvenile court, order the Reality Check Program DVD now. Watch, listen and learn about what prison is really like, about what one will lose while in prison. The Reality Check Program may be beneficial as part of your teens defense in a plea bargains or as part of alternative sanctions the juvenile court may consider.

Help your teen or young adult learn how to avoid and dissolve bad associations.

This program works, teens and young adults listen to Larry Lawton’s story and their eyes open up to the consequences to bad choices. 70% of teens who viewed the Reality Check Program avoided arrests and had better attitudes regarding respecting parents and making choices. Your kids are good kids; they just may make a bad choice which can lead to serious consequences. The Reality Check Program DVD helps to open the eyes of teens and young adults as to the consequences of bad choices.

There’s Absolutely No Risk

You have nothing to lose, if you don’t like the program return it for a full
refund. It is only $39.95 – is this a reasonable investment to help your loved
ones to stay out of trouble?

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What Folks are saying about the Reality Check Program DVD


Faith Wheeler, Mother – “I first heard about Larry Lawton and Reality Check Program when my son was getting into a little trouble last year. I did some research and when I found out what it was about I figured it couldn’t hurt. I got a copy of the DVD and Zac and I watched it together. I was a little taken at first from some of the things I heard on the DVD and wasn’t sure I wanted Zac to hear them. The next day I came home to find Zac watching the DVD again. Then a couple days’ later he was watching it a third time with his cousin. I started to talk to Zac more about it and I understood that what he got out of it was different than what I got out of it. I’m an adult and already know the difference between right and wrong and he is just learning so therefore he really learned something from it. I can honestly say it was money worth spending; it has been a year since Zac got in trouble and 9 months since he watched the DVD. I recommend this DVD to every teenager even if they haven’t got in trouble I will make them think about making bad choices. Kudos to Reality Check, thank you for caring.”


Norm Wolfinger, Brevard & Seminole County State Attorney: “Watching your tape for the 2nd time, I can see why you influence these young adults to consider making good choices – your real and your stories were lived.”


Judge David Silverman: “The Reality Check Program is designed to impart hope to each participant … Coming from an ex-con who reinvented himself, it is a message that resonates with force and clarity for many teens and young adults and that can have a profound effect on their self image, their conduct and their future.”


Rockledge Police Chief, John Shockey: “The DVD’s have proven to be a wise and valuable investment in the youth of our community. I highly recommend the Reality Check DVD to any law enforcement agency.”


Sheriff Jack Parker: “It is one more tool that might help get a young adult out of trouble.”


Kyle (16 year old after watching DVD) – “Dude your shit was straight up and it really made me open up my eyes and realize I can’t f— UP. I probably would still be going and pullin likks and stealing shit. But after your program, ive changed. You are a good man Larry.”


Michelle (15 year old) – “Larry, thank you for helping me turn my life around and realizing everything in this world can be different u just have to change it yourself well my jpo is currently turminating my probation a year early because I done everything I was suppose to an dnever go in trouble so that’s good, I am pregnant 6 months …im just so glad im out here and stayed outa trouble so I can e here with my baby … thanks.”


Ashley (17 year old) – “hey whats up. Thank you again, I cant help but make the right choices now. Prison freaks me our now for sure.”


Matt Crystal (Father) – “Hi Larry – just wanted to let you know that Kyle really got a lot out of your program today. He was full of stories. He’s a very proud kid, so he’s not the type to say “gee Dad, thanks getting this DVD for me.” But I think it was a wakeup call for him because he has been making some VERY bad choices. Thanks so much for all you do Larry. It’s obvious that you have a passion for helping young people make better choices and realize the potential that each and every one of them have to lead happy, healthy, and successful lives and make choices that will help them grow and thrive. You’re truly one in a million. Thanks again!”

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Learn even more about the Reality Check Program

A lot of teens and young adults have issues with drugs, underage drinking, gangs, sex, violence, delinquency dropping out of school, getting expelled, petty theft, shoplifting, stealing, robberies, and bad attitudes.

The Reality Check Program deals with all kinds of kids and young adults. “At risk” teens aren’t the only ones who need this Program. ALL kids need it. Prevention is the issue; don’t wait till it’s too late and your child get arrested or worse.

Any kid could end up in the Juvenile Justice System, jail, prison, or worse.

Our Reality Check Program DVD is the only one of its kind in the country. It’s for all teens and young adults, not just bad kids. This film helps the whole family. Order Now – use Coupon Code ‘Larry’ to save $10.00 plus free shipping and handling.

The Reality Check Program DVD deals with all kinds of issues affecting troubled teens and young adults that might be making bad choices. These issues include: lying, stealing, disrespect, using drugs, smoking pot, popping pills, stealing cars, car hoping, drug abuse, bad grades, dropping out of school, and skipping school. Are you tired of screaming, punishing, pleading, and negotiating and your child still just doesn’t get it. Be proactive with your loved ones and purchase our proven product – the Reality Check Program DVD – Click Here to order now.

Do you have big problems or small problems with young adults, teens or preteens? Big or small it doesn’t matter, this program works. The Reality Check Program DVD can help you to open a dialogue with your loved ones regarding choices and consequences – whether you are a single parent, divorced or separated parent, adoptive parent, foster parent, step parent, a traditional two parent family, or a grandparent raising a grandchild. Get the help you need with the Reality Check Program DVD.

Are you concerned about your child experimenting with drugs or alcohol? – This can lead to criminal behavior. Are you ready to purchase the Reality Check
DVD? – Click Here

  • Who is in charge, you or your child?
  • Who should be in charge?
  • Is your child hanging with the wrong crowd?
  • Does your teenager have an attitude?
  • Is your child having unprotected sex?
  • Is your child lying, stealing, skipping school, car hopping and/or
    destroying property?
  • Is your child refusing to follow rules?

You have an opportunity to help your loved ones; the Reality Check Program DVD is for the whole family. Your loved ones will see the likely consequences of bad choices and make changes in their behavior and attitude. Try it now, if you don’t like the program, return it for a full refund. You have nothing to lose. Purchase the Reality Check DVD now – Click Here

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